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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year, New Decade

Here we are, into a new year and new decade of this new century! Where is the time flying? For this coming year, I am praying and hoping for a fabulous year. But while you hope, you don't just sit back and wait for it. You work for it.

I have started the new year and decade with some new designs. Years before I designed jewelry, I was and still am a collector of vintage jewelry. My collection has been neglected since I am making jewelry, and wearing more artisan jewelry than vintage. One thing I do enjoy, is the composition of some of the pieces, and their use of line and color.

So I began to play with the idea of "what if". What if a vintage piece could be incorporated into a headpiece design in such a way that it could be removed to be worn later? The idea of vintage jewelry used in bridal accessories is not new. But from what I have seen, it is usually fixed in place. My goal is to preserve the integrity of the vintage piece itself, so as not to harm its value. So, I began to play with two sets of jewelry that I had in my collection, a Danecraft bow pin and earring set, and a Beau Sterling leaf set.

And this is what I came up with!

After the wedding, the bride can return the headpiece to me, so that I can take it apart, polish the jewelry, and string the Swarovski Crystal used in the headpiece into a bracelet for her to wear! Plus, she also has added a set of vintage jewelry to her collection!

Also in my plans for this year, is playing with color. Not just in jewelry, but with yarn. Some may have seen my Facebook comment about dyeing yarn with Koolaide. For now, it is playtime. But who knows? Who knows?

As well as selling on Etsy, I am now selling on ArtFire. I am advertising on WeddingWire too.
So, I'm getting around these days!

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