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Friday, June 19, 2009

New Work!

I love making headpieces from nature themes. This Etsy BridalDreamTeam
headpiece was from our Bacchanalia Challenge in March. I named this
headpiece Ambrosia, which was the food of the gods.

My inspiration was the acres and acres of lush grapevines that
grow along Lake Erie's shoreline. Just 40 miles from Erie
was the home of Welch's grape juice! Now, a lot of these
vinyards are for small wineries. In the fall, when the
grapes come into season, the smell in the air of grapes is
so intense! It is like smelling the chocolate in the air
in Hershey, PA!

The next theme for the June BridalDreamTeam Challenge
is Beach Weddings! Ah, I have been looking forward to
this one all year!

I love the beach. My husband and I have spent many hours
beachcombing the shores of Assateague Island, Virginia.
The beaches are wild there. One does not have to walk
very far before "the people run out". The tide lines
are rich with limpets, welks of all sizes, wampum,
sand dollars, moonshells, and fragments of shells that
all in their own have great beauty. My mother found
these bits and pieces inspiring for her own jewelry.
My husband is an avid collector of Beach Glass, which
he allows me to use in my jewelry, and now, my first
Bridal Tiara, "Sea Goddess". Mom would have loved
this headpiece.

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